• Feedback: I am so pleased with the sofa (the Anais model)! I could not be happier with the color, the look, or the feel. I will never shop retail for my upholstered furniture again. Don also told me that the turn-around time would be a week and a half (which is great), but I was able to pick the sofa up in 4 days (which is even better)!
  • What did you like about Your Space Furniture? - The cost! This sofa retails $1400 plus shipping. It was less than half the retail price. Customization! You can tailor the sofa to your exact needs.
  • What you did not like about Your Space Furniture? - I was apprehensive, at first, to buy a sofa without seeing it. You get over that fear real fast as soon as you see your beautiful new couch!
  • How can we improve our service? - I can't think of any improvements to service.
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