Corson Sofa

  • Feedback: The selection and prices at Custom Sofa Design are truly unbeatable. If you're someone who has a specific design in mind and want something customized to fit your needs--this would be the place to go. The services offered truly reflect the name-I was able to request a couch that had a higher back and longer. The fabric options were great and Don is a no pressure sales guy (which I appreciate).
  • What did you like about Your Space Furniture? - Truly custom services, no pressure sales, and flexibility.
  • What you did not like about Your Space Furniture? - I would recommend a more professional showroom (though I'm sure current one keeps costs low) & more efficient delivery. The delivery guys had a truck full-and I mean FULL of couches. Imagine 6+ full sized couches strapped onto a regular sized truck.
  • How can we improve our service? - Nothing was damaged upon delivery and the delivery guys were extremely nice but I'd suggest they have more help.
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