Logan Sofa

Price from: $ 1199

Dimensions: 84''W x 34''H x 40''D

Can be ordered in custom size, as a sleeper, in twenty-four configurations, choice of cushion fill, seat firmness, decorative trim, wood finish and fabric. Please submit Request Custom Quote Form for custom pricing shipping rates and special requests. If you have a difficult area to design for, want to go COM, or just want an exclusive, different design, please, call Customer Service (214) 984-4128.

NOTE*** All customers are required to approve the fabric “in person” prior to placing an order. Free fabric samples will be mailed prior to production.

Quality Construction: Kiln dried hardwood frame, 8 gauge “no-sag” sinuous springs, SERTAPUR@ certified 3.0-density high resilience foam core wrapped in Darcon polyester fiber. Produced and manufactured in USA.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on the frame and springs. Additional Guardsman 10 Year fabric warranty against stains, spills, tears, and rips is available to purchase.  Learn more about Guardsman

Shipping and Delivery: Can be shipped to any continental United States. Depending on Zip Code, different rates will apply. Please, submit Request Shipping Quote Form for more information.

Three Cushion Sofa
Item # 01-C3

Two Cushion Sofa
Item # 01-C2

Bench Seat Sofa
Item # 01-C1

Item # 04

Item # 02

Item # 03

Loveseat/Chaise LF
Item # 111L

Loveseat/Chaise RF
Item # 111L

Sofa/Chaise LF
Item # 110L

Sofa/Chaise RF
Item # 110R

Sofa/Loveseat LF
Item # 105L

Sofa/Loveseat RF
Item # 105R

Sofa/Sofa LF
Item # 106L

Sofa/Sofa RF
Item # 106R

Item # 301

Item # 300

Sofa/Loveseat/Wedge LF
Item # 302L

Sofa/Loveseat/Wedge RF
Item # 302R

Sofa/Sofa/Wedge/Chaise RF
Item # 303R

Sofa/Sofa/Wedge/Chaise LF
Item # 303L

Sofa/Loveseat/Wedge/Chaise RF
Item # 304R

Sofa/Loveseat/Wedge/Chaise LF
Item # 304L

Item # 200

Item # 400

Sofa/Loveseat/Chaise RF
Item # 501R

Sofa/Loveseat/Chaise LF
Item # 501LF

Sofa/Sofa/Chaise RF
Item # 502R

Sofa/Sofa/Chaise LF
Item # 502L

Item # 500

Sofa/Sofa/Loveseat LF
Item # 601L

Sofa/Sofa/Loveseat RF
Item # 601R

Item # 600


Our standard cushion is superior to most of the premium cushions made by other manufacturers. It is made of HR (High Resiliency) foam and has a sandwich like construction of foam layers of different firmness and is double wrapped in a premium Dacron polyester. Comes in 3 levels of firmness – soft, medium, and firm.

Seat cushion options
  • Synthetic Down a.k.a Trillium. Trillium is designed to recreate the feel of 50/50 natural down cushion at a more affordable price. It can be used in both the back pillow and seat cushion.
    The benefits: soft support, greater resiliency (keeps its shape), and hypoallergenic.
    Trillium wrapped cushions have HR foam core wrapped in duvet style envelope filled in with Trillium to increase the softness and comfort.
  • Down Blend. Down blend filled cushions offer the ultimate in comfort, conform to the contours of the body well, and stay cool in warm weather. Down blend cushions are available in different fill ratios. The higher the content of down, the softer the fill will be.
    10/90 – 10% down and 90% duck feathers.
    25/75 – 25% down and 75% goose feathers.
    50/50 – 50% down and 50% goose feather – the most luxurious blend due to the high down content that provides the softness and maximum softness and loft but requires fluffing and up keep.


Our standard pillows are made of a garneted polyester fiber enclosed in a bag to create uniform, high loft, and resilient filling. It is durable, comfortable, and offers a moderately firm feel.

Back pillow options
  • Premium Trillium Fill. Trillium is a synthetic down fiber designed to mimic the feel of natural 50/50 down blend with greater resiliency, is hypoallergenic, and at a lower cost. This type of pillow is softer than our Polyester fiber cushions yet keeps its shape better than the natural down pillows.
  • Premium Down Blend Pillows. Just like down seat cushions, back pillows are available in either 10/90, 25/75, or 50/50 blend options. The benefit of down filled pillows are additional depth to the seating due to its conformity to the shape of the body. Please, note, down back pillows require fluffing.
  • Foam Core Pillow. Our Foam Core Pillow is made of a thin foam core wrapped in an envelope filled with either a trillium or a down blend. It adds more support and gives well defined shape and a structured look to the pillow.


You can chose between standard ?” Welt Cord e.g. piping, 1/8” Welt Cord and Top Stitch for clean modern look.

Top Stitch

1/4 Welt

1/8 Welt

Seam style options
  • Premium Flanged Seam – available on either seats or pillows.
  • Premium Double Stitch - for clean modern look.

Double stitch

Flanged Seam



Our standard no Sag 8 Gauge Steel Springs are very durable and come with lifetime warranty.

Springs options
  • Optional 8-Way Tied Springs.
  • Optional Web Construction – provides level seat deck for modern styling, thin cushions, and no crown application.


All our sofas come with standard wood legs. Chose between tapered square, cylinder, tapered block, and bun foot legs.

Available colors

Natural Atela



Early America



Dark Mediva

Dark Walnut



Leg options

Metal legs are available in brushed or chrome finish. Choose between three styles, S1, S2, and S3 in either brushed or chrome finish.


At the Your Space Furniture, we offer a variety of nail trim options. All nails come in many finishes and sizes to achieve desirable look.


Air Dream Matress
  • Similar to a medium luxury memory foam mattress feel.
Air Dream Matress
  • Air Dream Sofa Sleep System comforts & supports like a premium luxury bed!
  • Air Dream's core comfort element is engineered to provide the maximum in luxurious sleeping and rugged durability. Sleep sofa mattresses have never been this plush.10 inches of pure comfort offers the same plush dimensions and luxury feel as premium mattresses. Patented technology combines spring coil support with comfort of cushioning layer of air.
  • Comfort level can be customized from orthopedic firm to plush firm easily and within seconds.
  • Air dream distributes body weight evenly for ideal ergonomic support.
  • Available in Twin, Full, Queen, and QueenXL size sleep sofas


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