The Your Space Furniture extends to it’s customer’s our “Rest Assured Warranty”. It offers the comfort of knowing the furniture purchased will last, and that it was manufactured to the highest standards for our customer. This warranty does not apply to furniture that has been abused or used in a business environment and/or for commercial purposes. The warranty only applies to furniture used for normal residential purposes. Our warranty does not cover products sold in “distressed” or in “as is” condition, or products sold to a third private party, products purchased from another retailer, or any other form of reseller not authorized by Your Space Furniture to sell our products. All of the warranties set forth herein are subject to these warranty limitations.


Frame and springs are warranted for the life of the product under normal use conditions. In the case of manufacturing defect, Your Space Furniture will determine whether to repair or replace the item. Any accidental damage to the springs and frame due to misuse is not covered under this warranty.


Sleeper mechanisms are warranted for one year against manufacturing defects.


The standard HR foam or spring seat cushion core is warranted for the life of the product against loss of resiliency. All foam cushions require a normal break in period of approximately two to three weeks of regular use to achieve it’s normal comfort level.
Cushion Care and Performance Characteristics: While seat foam will soften and compress somewhat, it should not lose it’s normal resiliency – the ability to recover from compression. Polyester wraps, down blend and synthetic blends surrounding the foam core will, over time, lose some of the initial loft, which may contribute to cushion flattening and possible seat cover wrinkling. Our softer and more casual cushions will, by design, flatten somewhat, wrinkle and soften and are not to be considered defective, as this is the nature of the product. We suggest you fluff these cushions as you would fluff a down and feather pillow you sleep on. You can prolong the cushion life and keep your cushions looking fresh by turning and rotating them regularly. You may also want to regulate the cushion core and polyester or down blend wrap by unzipping the casing and adjusting the fit of the core and the wrap.
Down and Feather Seat Casings
All envelopes for seat cushions or back pillows, consist of a channeled “down proof ticking” material that creates a feather barrier, however, from time to time there may be some leakage of the feathers. Our vendor uses the highest quality down proof muslin ticking available and also has a unique sewing process to minimize feather loss, this leakage will still occur occasionally and is not considered a defect, but is the nature of this product.


Uphostery fabrics, including slipcovers, are under warranty for (1) year against seam slippage, fraying and dye transfer, but only if the cleaning conforms to industry standard methods. This guarantee does not cover fabric wear, pile compression, wrinkling or stretching, fading, pilling or shrinkage due to machine washing of slipcovers. We also do not warranty exact fabric color at the time of order, as dye lots vary. COM fabrics provided by the customer have no warranty. ***NOTE: Coprehensive 10 Year fabric and leather warranty against stain, spils, tears, and rips is available at additional cost.


The finest leathers are full aniline dyed. Only the top 5% of hides, which are relatively free from gross surface imperfections, can be made into full aniline leather. Most Your Space Furniture leather patterns are full aniline. These are full top grain leathers that have been soaked in transparent, non-toxic aniline dye and have no subsequent pigmented finish coats applied. In other words, the color has not been “painted” onto the surface. The aniline dye penetrates the hide with color, allowing the natural grain to sow through. A soft mellow hand, characteristic of Your Space Furniture leather, us the result of tanning done with such minerals as chromium salts.
Aniline leather has natural markings including heal scars, neck and belly wrinkles, scratches, insect bites, and brands that may vary from hide to hide in the same way that human fingerprints are unique. Aniline leather also exhibits natural color variation due to the leather’s ability to accept dyes differently in various areas of the hide. These markings and “character” are stamped on with heat or pressure. Accepting differences between hides means appreciating differences on individual items of furniture as well – because no item of furniture can be produced from a single hide.


Polyester fiber filled back pillows are under warranty for one year against loss of resiliency. Zippers and seams are warranted for one year against manufacturing defect or seam slippage.


Buttons are limited to a 6 month warranty only. Where applicable, Your Space Furniture will have a service technician repair this in the home or the customer may need to take the item to a local upholsterer and Your Space Furniture will absorb the pre approved cost of repairs not including any transportation cost for the six month term only.


Please, contact Customer Service to request service under the provisions of this warranty. Certain defects can be repaired in home. But, if the repair cannot be completed in your home, arrangements must be made to transport the furniture to the place of repair. This warranty does not include the cost of transporting the furniture to and from the factory service center after 1 year from the date of purchase. The original purchaser is responsible for all shipping and transportation costs after one year from purchase date and is responsible for properly packaging the item so it is not damaged in transit.


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